Hands on Machine Learning

Hey, Precious Oladele here and i hope you are doing well. Alright so this is my first post here 😊.

So in this post I will introduce you to Machine Learning also known as ML. Things you will understand in this post are

  1. What ML is
  2. How ML is related to AI
  3. How can ML help us

So let's begin with the first one. What is ML? Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience. As you can see ML is built using algorithm and can learn easily from our every day life activity if well trained, Yes just as we learn from experince our machines also do after being trained. Hope you get the concept. Example is a program built to understand a language.

So we move to the next which is How is ML related to AI(Artificial Intelligence)?

Basically ML is a field under AI, yes AI is th father ML is the son. So basically when we talk about AI we cover both deep learning, ML or Neural Network

Let's head on to the last question How can ML help us? Yes imagine you have trained machines help you do your works. Example, i write a program that predicts the stock price of Amazon in the next day 😳. Basically right there have made my work easier and have made some people loose there jobs lol. So basically the example above shows the importance of ML. With ML our work will be easier trust me.

So that's all for the post and if you wanna dive right in into ML check out Tensorflow at Tensorflow.org

Thanks 😊

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